First off, welcome to my little blog.  Second, I am not a blogging expert (yet), but don’t tell anyone.  And third, you’re probably wondering why I titled my blog, “The Messy Jessie Life.”  I have a simple answer for you – because it fits.  Growing up my family called me “Messy Jessie” because I was always getting into things and making a mess, and it just kind of stuck.  When I was trying to think of what to call this thing or what I’d write about, I just kept coming back to the idea that my life is still “messy”.  Messy in that it is hard, crazy, busy, stressful, wonderful, magical, and everything in between.

As I begin this journey/road trip/whatever you want to call it, I’ll write about anything and everything.  From life stuff, work, family, friends, products, my dog, etc. You get the idea.  One thing I’ll point out is that this page is about getting words out, not about everything being grammatically correct.

Now go read and enjoy. 🙂